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May 18th

Josey Lane side of the Parking Lot

In a continued effort to support our community, our parking lot will be used for a Garage Sale benefiting the Red Nose Day Fund. Our local Walgreens is joining with 5 other stores to host this event. All proceeds go to the Red Nose Day Fund, which so far has contributed over $71 million helping more than 16 million children who need it the most.  How much can $1 do?

$1 can provide nutritious food for a child in need here at home

$1 can help provide school supplies for a student in a developing country

$5 can help provide medical supplies for a doctor’s visit here at home

$10 can help provide a safe place for a child in need during the summer

$10 can help provide text books for a class of students in a developing country

It will be a busy day at The Nor’kirk this Saturday, May 18th with the New Freedom group meeting, our Women’s Fashion Show, and workers in The Grow and Share Garden, but we are honored to be able to share space with the Red Nose Day Event!

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