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I believe I’ve told this story before. When Becky and I were growing up, our mother told us that the animals could talk on Christmas Eve at midnight. (Why a parent would say something to give children an incentive to stay awake until midnight on December 24th is beyond me!) Becky and I tried, but we never made it until midnight, so we never learned what our cats had to say to us.

Certainly, animals were a part of the first Christmas. The donkey helped Mary and Joseph travel to Bethlehem, the cattle in the stable provided their trough for a manger, sheep and dogs came with the shepherds to visit the baby, and camels came with the wise men. I like to think that there was a cat or two (and maybe a squirrel) there also.

I’m glad that now I can visit with friends and family at midnight on Christmas Eve, as we leave the 11:00 pm service!

Merry Christmas!

Read: Luke chapter 2