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I’ll always remember Darrell’s first Christmas with our family. He and Becky had been married almost a year, and we they spent Christmas Day with my parents and me. Our family opens one gift at a time, so we can all watch as each gift is opened. When it came time for Becky to open the gift from Darrell, it was a gaudy gold necklace, something like the beads that are tossed at Mardi Gras. Of course, we all “oohed” and “aahed” about the necklace, and Becky thanked him. Then, a few gifts later, Darrell handed Becky another gift, this time a beautiful necklace, and we all laughed at his surprise! My dad repeated the story many times in the years ahead, saying that’s when he knew that Darrell was meant to be in our family, a son Dad loved dearly.

Remember when you receive a Christmas gift that it is the care and thought that went into it that means as much as does the gift itself. May you be pleasantly surprised on Christmas morning!

Read: Matthew 2:11