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There is an old legend that has often been told. The angel Gabriel met Christ when the Lord returned to heaven. “How did it go on earth?” Gabriel inquired. “Not so well,” Christ answered, shaking His head sadly. “Mind telling me what You did?” Gabriel asked. “Of course not,” Jesus responded. “I taught, I healed, and I loved. I also called twelve men to be My disciples.” “What makes You think that You can depend on them?” Gabriel asked, thinking that the prospects didn’t look too promising. “I taught them,” Jesus answered. “They are My disciples and I’m depending upon them.” “And if they fail?” Gabriel asked. Christ shook His head slowly. “I have no other plans. If they fail, My mission on earth also fails.”

This week, ask yourself: Is Christ’s mission in good hands in you?

Read: Luke 23:44-49


Scripture Readings for 2nd Sunday of Resurrection – April 8, 2018 – A C A Capella Choir Sunday

Epistle Reading: Hebrews 3:1-6

Gospel Reading: Luke 14:25-33