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It’s not wise to be dogmatic as we try to interpret current events. The twists and turns of history are under God’s providential control, and its best to watch prayerfully so we can take advantage of open doors for evangelism while awaiting our Lord’s return.

The ever-present turmoil among the Arab states in the Middle East is a reminder that the nation of Israel and its neighbors dominate the agenda of history. We cannot predict the reverberations of every conflict or the aftereffects stemming from every shift of power. It may be that the youth movements among Arab states will provide new openness for the gospel. On the other hand, the shifting political structures may lead to increased radicalism, setting the stage for more terrorism.

Although we can’t be dogmatic about specific events in the headlines, we can be fully assured that history is His-story, and that the stage is being set for His return. We can live every day with confidence and excitement because no matter how disturbing the news reports, our sovereign Lord is in control.

This week, rather than spreading statements of fear, let us all share statements of hope in Christ.

Read: Mark 13:22-23


Scripture Readings for Trinity Sunday – June 11, 2017 – Heritage Sunday
Gospel Reading: Matthew 28:15-20
Psalter Reading: Psalm 8:1-9