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March Madness is here! Mike Doocy is working overtime explaining why his bracket fell apart. How we love watching the games, hearing the cheers for one team and the jeers against the other. Everyone knows which team fans are for and who they are against by the colors they wear and the cheers they chant.

Saint Paul proclaimed that God is our biggest fan. But in this instance it doesn’t matter who or what is against us, for God is for us. No one can take away your salvation. No one can shut off God’s love for you or foil God’s plan for you. If anyone were able to do any of those things, he or she would have to be greater than God Himself. Even the powers of hell may set themselves against you, but they will not prevail. Why? Because God is greater, and He is on your side.

This week as you encounter setbacks or negative responses, remember who is on your side?

Read: Romans 8:31


Scripture Readings for 5th Sunday of Lent – March 18, 2018 – Session Sunday

Old Testament Reading: Jeremiah 31:31-34

Gospel Reading: John 12:20-33