Prayer Concerns

Continuing Prayer Concerns

The following people have illness or other concerns which are of a
continuing nature:

Judy Courtney
Jack Edmonds
Roy Gardner
Becky Heflin
The Heflin and Pratt family
Phoebe Hoffman
Mary Martin
Jan Mattson’s friend, Averi Moya
Jan Mattson’s friend, Henry Mayfield
Ryan Mattson
Lisa McClurg’s mother and step-father, Carol & James Rea
Christine McGrath
Tom McGrath’s parents, Bern & Marna McGrath
David Miller’s parents, Gail & Frank Miller
Jane Moellering
Emmy Morris
Elle Mysinger’s brother, Lee Coppinger
Alice Poydence
Sarah Poydence
Greg Raulerson
Marjorie Rinker’s brother, Stephen Jackson
Carla Signorelli
Nancy Skagg’s father, Maurice Waters
Yvonne Strattman
Ann & Steve Sutton
The Viguers’ friends, Kim & Rick Walton